Special Offers

Hello, Dear user!

You are now at the main page of the fully functional demo-version of the website called "Corporate" website.

The most important information about your company is placed on the Main page of the website. It could be information about special offers, new developments, specific features of your company and etc.. A visitor recieves information from the main page at first, when he opens your website, so he or she can decide whether he or she can find necessary information there or not. That is why text from the main page should be brief but informative enough.

The "Corporate" website offers folowing options:

  • Creation of independent pages with various content;
  • Uploading any types of files to server;
  • Uploading of any kinds of pictures (png, jpg, gif) using automatic conversion on web;
  • Editing the paragraphs of the website menu.

To learn more about all those functions, visit the Control panel of the website and test them not as a user but as an administrator.